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Orchestria Unveils Next-Gen DLP

NEW YORK -- Orchestria, the leader in the rapidly growing Electronic Control software category, has introduced the first next-generation data loss prevention (DLP) solution. Orchestrias new DLP software is a breakthrough in preventing the loss of personally identifiable information and intellectual property through uncontrolled message, Web, and file activity.

The escalating growth of control-free electronic communication has led to a significant increase in financial, legal, and public relations risk for Global 2000 companies and government agencies. A typical employee generates approximately 200 e-mails, messages, and files per day, of which more than 0.1% may be harmful. For an average company with 25,000 employees, this violation rate translates into 5,000 violations per day or 1.25 million potentially damaging actions per year.

Unlike first-generation DLP software, Orchestria provides coverage across all points of risk within an enterprise, detects violations accurately with minimal false positives, and can proactively block true infractions.

Orchestria Corp.