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Oracle OKs NEC's iStorage

TOKYO -- NEC and Oracle have jointly verified NEC's implementation of Oracle's Hardware Assisted Resilient Data
(H.A.R.D.) technology in NEC's iStorage S Series. As a result, NEC's iStorage Series of SAN disk array (S4900) is the first to achieve H.A.R.D.
certification for Oracle Database 10g.

A SAN environment consists of various types of hardware and software. Before the data in a database is written to a disk, it passes through numerous components, including the OS (Operating System), drivers, HBAs (Host Bus Adapters), switches, and storage controllers. Although the hardware and software components are typically reliable, data error may still occur by human-cause and data can be written to the disk without being corrected.

Oracle's Hardware Assisted Resilient Data (H.A.R.D.) Initiative is a comprehensive program designed to prevent data corruptions through those components or operation misses before they happen. As part of H.A.R.D., Oracle and NEC have worked together to implement Oracle's data validations and checking algorithms in the NEC storage devices. By validating Oracle data in the storage devices, corruptions are detected and eliminated before they have a chance to be written to permanent storage.

NEC's 'DataTrusty for Oracle' delivers highly reliable capabilities with dramatically enhanced data protection, by implementing end-to-end checks between an Oracle database controller and the iStorage S Series. This capability not only provides data checks at the transmission level, but also conducts high-level logic checks that identify the Oracle Database configuration. In this way, it achieves extremely high reliability that prevents all kinds of data loss.

NEC, after receiving a H.A.R.D. test kit from Oracle, has verified the effectiveness of data protection on the iStorage S Series and 'DataTrusty for Oracle' under all the conditions required by the H.A.R.D. Initiative.

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