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Oracle Acquires Tangosol To Speed Performance

Oracle sealed a deal this week to buy Tangosol, a maker of in-memory data-grid software that accelerates application performance by speeding up access to popular data.

With the Tangosol purchase, Oracle acquires technology that facilitates extreme transaction process (XTP), which is used in industries from logistics to telecommunications to financial services. Tangosol's XTP product, Coherence Data Grid, simplifies the exchange of information in clustered environment by keeping all nodes in the grid current with respect to any modifications.

Oracle said it will use Tangosol technology to produce middleware developers need to create applications that can perform real-time data analytics, grid-based in-memory computations and high-performance transactions. The platform that results from the acquisition can be used to support development for things like SOA environments that can relieve the load on back-end infrastructures while sustaining or even improving performance, a Tangosol spokesperson said.

The acquisition should be finalized in April. Financial terms of the deal were not made public.

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