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Opsware Outlines Storage Plan

NEW YORK -- Server and network automation specialist Opsware added more flesh to the bones of its storage strategy at its analyst day today, unveiling a roadmap for managing storage, server, and network devices from a single piece of software.

First up is the vendor's Application Storage Automation System (ASAS), built on technology from Opsware's CreekPath acquisition. (See Opsware Gains CreekPath and Storage Shopping Spree.) "It's going to be [launched] in the middle of the year -- the exact date is still being worked out with engineering," said Eric Vishria, Opsware's vice president of marketing.

Opsware CEO Ben Horowitz explained that CreekPath spent five years developing software to manage different pieces of storage hardware. "They had built connectivity to all the old and Byzantine storage devices out there -- we have taken that and integrated it into our infrastructure."

Software that can tie different parts of the data center together has been something of a pipe dream for users -- IT managers and CIOs have complained about the lack of software that can configure both network and storage devices. This would eliminate the manual configuration errors that cause the bulk of system failures. (See Storage Left Out of CMDB Loop.)

Opsware's Vishria explained that ASAS will give users better visibility into the relationship between their storage and key applications in areas such as e-commerce and financial trading. "If you have to perform maintenance on any of the storage elements such as the array or the storage fabric, you will be able to understand which applications will be impacted."

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