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One-On-One with BMC's CEO

I had the opportunity to personally speak with Bob Beauchamp, CEO of BMC software following their earnings call today. There has been a lot of market attention around BSM and the competition in this space has really been heating up.
While a majority of organizations are looking toward BSM solutions in the near team, Beauchamp believes that "one of the primary barriers to implementation success will be cultural." Since BSM involves multiple business silos and technology groups, those organizations will need to find ways to bring those silos together culturally and technologically. Obviously, the tools they select and processes that they utilize are also key factors.
Aside from purchasing products, moving to BSM solutions can be services intensive. While Beauchamp believes that "BMC's professional services group can assist with compliance, architecture and methodologies, the preferred method of implementation is for customers to work with BMC partners." Organizations will need to be sure that they look at the software products as well as the implementation costs to get a complete picture of what it takes to move to BSM.

Beauchamp sees "the reduction of errors as the number one driver of their service automation component" (mainly RealOps) followed by the reduction of human costs to run IT Operations. Beauchamp views the RealOps acquisition as "one of the most strategic in the company's history" which is a pretty bold statement.

In terms of selecting BSM vendors, Beauchamp believes that "customers are driven to BMC based on their existing, integrated solution that has been proven in many large customers."