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Onaro Launches New Products

BOSTON -- Onaro, Inc. (, the leader in storage service management, announced today the immediate availability of SANscreen Capacity Manager 1.0, SANscreen Provisioning Manager 1.0, and updates to SANscreen Service Assurance. The combination of these products enables organizations to extend IT Service Management and IT Automation to networked storage with the goal of accelerating application delivery, reducing operating costs and trimming capital spending on storage by as much as 20%.

The Onaro SANscreen product suite includes Service Insight, Service Assurance, Application Insight, Replication Assurance, and now Capacity Manager 1.0 and Provisioning Manager 1.0. SANscreen is the most widely deployed datacenter automation solution for storage. It is currently in production in 20% of the Fortune 50, including the world's largest retailer, entertainment company, commercial bank and health insurer. Onaro's customers have successfully scaled SANscreen to support environments from 500 to over 70,000 ports.

Extending Datacenter Automation to Storage While datacenter automation has already brought significant benefits to server and network management, it has largely bypassed networked storage.
Storage Resource Management, solutions have evolved to focus mainly on data management while more classic datacenter automation solutions remain tightly focused on network and server automation.

Networked storage can no longer be bypassed by datacenter automation. Three trends will drive the integration of storage into the balance of datacenter

  • Storage resources now represent up to 45% of the infrastructure
    budget in many large enterprises. Networked storage is no longer a small, isolated island of spending and resource deployment.
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