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Onaro Announces VM Insight 1.0

BOSTON -- Onaro, Inc. (, the leader in storage service management, announced today VM Insight 1.0, a new product of the SANscreen product family designed to maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks for virtual machine implementations. VM Insight 1.0 will be demonstrated at VMworld 2007 on September 11-13 in San Francisco.

Virtual machines (VM) have the potential to dramatically improve datacenter economics. While the benefits are substantial, a new set of challenges arise. For virtual machine administrators, understanding a VMs cross domain impact on storage and server resources is critical to maximizing server utilization while maintaining application performance. For the storage team, maintaining a cross datacenter view of the loads placed by traditional servers and the more dynamic virtual servers is key to maintaining coexistence and availability for all applications. VM Insight overcomes these challenges and enables datacenter teams to maximize the economic benefit of virtualization technology.

Developed in Onaro's Israeli R&D facility, VM Insight builds on SANscreen's service path awareness and change management technologies to:

  • Maximize server resources by providing real-time service level
    information on CPU, memory, I/O, network bandwidth, SAN bandwidth and array performance. Using this data, VM admins can optimally deploy the correct ratio of VMs per physical server and reach maximum ROI for the project;
  • Minimize risk by providing VM admins and storage teams with a common
    view of network storage service paths and changes; and
  • Minimize risk by providing storage teams with a complete datacenter
    view of both physical and virtual loads impacting the storage environment, not just the virtual servers.

Until now, no solutions were available to manage the cross domain infrastructure challenges needed to support the combined virtual storage and compute infrastructure while also meeting the demands of greater datacenter management. Most virtual machine management applications have focused on managing the VMs themselves or just the portion of the datacenter infrastructure used by the virtual servers. Within storage management, storage resource management (SRM) applications have narrowly focused on building agents to read file level data for the virtual machines. VM Insight changes this by introducing the first cross-domain application for both VM system administrators and storage administrators that spans both virtual server and traditional server deployments.

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