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Olixir Gets Tough on Tape

Secretive startup Olixir Technologies is touting a combination of compression and encryption for "battle-ready" removable hard drives in an attempt to lure users away from tape-based backup. (See Olixir Launches Solution.)

IT managers have already voiced their concerns about the weaknesses of tape, citing reliability issues and the need for a controlled storage environment so that tapes don't physically stretch and contract. (See Users Open Up on Optical.)

Because disk drives are sealed units, the technology is regarded as more robust than tape, where the media is exposed to the environment. (See Portable Disks Bolster Backup.) Tape technology, unlike disk, also requires physical contact between the tape head and the media, which can eventually lead to corruption.

Olixir has its eye on this opportunity, and today unveiled its SC-1000, a hardware card that slots into the PCI-X slot on a server or PC. The card encrypts and compresses data, which is then sent to the startup's FastRestore backup device equipped with Olixir's removable Mobile DataVault drives.

An encryption engine on the SC-1000 performs either 128-bit or 256-bit encryption of data before it is sent to the drives. (See Tape Security Trips Up Users and Can't Quite Kick the Tape Habit.) A compression engine on the SC-1000 can quadruple the capacity of the DataVault drives for certain applications such as databases and email, the vendor claims.

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