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OCC Mundial Drops Downtime

Mexicos OCC Mundial, one of Latin America's busiest job sites, is staying up longer and responding more quickly these days, thanks to some application switches from NetScaler Inc. it deployed in its U.S. data center.

In keeping with the spirit of NAFTA, the firm is using a collocation center in Indianapolis to power its Website. OCC Mundial says it installed two NetScaler 9800HA secure application switches at the U.S. site for load balancing across its servers and protection against dreaded denial-of-service attacks.

About 150,000 people per day visit OCC Mundial, and the company says before it installed the NetScaler switches the Website went down at least once a month for between five and 10 minutes.

“We have not experienced one second of downtime since the switches were installed back on August 10th last year," says Jose Alvarez, president of OCC Mundial. "OCC’s network is also much more resilient. We have been able to handle the numerous virus and hacker attacks in a much simpler and safer manner."

OCC was also looking to save a few pesos by using less bandwidth to deliver its online service -– and it has. Bandwidth used to deliver the site has been cut by 45 percent, Alvarez says.

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