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Objective Data: Who Are These Guys?

After months of evaluating which players might have what it takes to work together and give the best performance, the investors who were pulling the group together finally chose two candidates for the project.

No, this isn't a scene from American Idol or a tryout for yet another boy band, but rather the genesis of a brand-new storage software company. In mid May, Objective Data Storage stepped onto the scene as if from thin air to announce its acquisition of storage hardware and software vendor USDesign Corp. (see Objective Data Buys USDesign).

Then, two weeks later, it announced that it had bought the assets of yet another storage software company, FileLink Corp., which specialized in the medical storage sector (see Objective Data Buys FileLink). The company didnt reveal the financial details of either deal.

But what is Objective Data Storage, and where did it come from? Apart from a few details on the technology it had acquired from the two storage vendors, the Columbia, Md.-based company merely describes itself in the press releases as a "newly formed data storage software development company and value added reseller."

The company’s Website is equally vague, listing only products gained through the two acquisitions last month, and mentioning a long roster of board members, but only two members of the management team: president and CEO Boyce "Mac" McCorkle, and controller and general manager Richard J. Vacek.

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