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NuView Files Away Files

Storage software startup NuView Inc. is pushing further into information lifecycle management, as it starts shipping its brand new File Lifecycle Manager (FLM) software today (see NuView Manages File Lifecycle).

The new addition to the Houston, Texas-based companys storage management software portfolio aims to simplify the movement of files between primary and secondary storage, thus creating a tiered storage architecture.

Using FLM, storage administrators can set policies to automatically move certain types of files, or files that have passed a certain age, to secondary storage on cheaper ATA disk drives. This clears space on the primary storage, thus slashing costs, even while it allows users access to the files in the exact same way as before, according to NuView CEO Rahul Mehta.

“We wanted to make this transparent to the end user,” he says. “When we move files from the primary to the secondary storage, the end user never knows they’ve been moved.”

In addition, Mehta says, the software has an active/passive architecture, ensuring that users can only write to the primary storage. If, for instance, a spreadsheet hasn’t been touched for, say, more than a year, and has been moved to secondary storage, it would be moved back to primary storage before anyone could make any changes to it. This capability helps shrink the amount of data companies have to back up, Mehta contends, since they only have to back up their primary storage where all changes are made.

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