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Novell, SpikeSource Partner On LAMP Stack

Novell has formed an alliance with SpikeSource to better integrate its Linux distribution with the LAMP stack and to help the two companies compete more effectively against Microsoft.

Under the deal, announced Monday at BrainShare 2006, Novell agreed to participate in the SpikeSource Certified Solutions Program, and SpikeSource will participate in Novell's MarketStart program, said Nick Halsey, vice president of strategic alliances and international sales at Redwood City, Calif.-based SpikeSource.

Microsoft's ability to tightly integrate its homegrown middleware stack with its Windows operating system has traditionally given it an advantage that other ISVs cannot beat. But now a key Linux vendor, Novell can offer that same level of assurance for Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and the best-of-breed, open-source LAMP stack, Halsey said.

"We've been integrating the Spike certified stack with Novell's YES, and now we're extending beyond testing and certifying SLES to certifying the stack on top of the operating system," Halsey said. "Now you have something that stacks up to what Microsoft is doing."

SpikeSource offers one lightweight certification called SpikeSource-Compatible, which certifies that an application will run and install on SpikeSource, and a second level--which Novell will engage in--that ensures a fully tested, certified stack and requires ISVs to offer customers technical support.

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