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Novell Open Enterprise Server

I installed the new OES Linux system and added it to an existing NDS test tree with just one hitch: Instead of the DNS name, I had to use the IP address of a server in the existing eDirectory tree. If you're familiar with installing SuSE Enterprise Server, you'll have no problem getting this OS running.

The Novell components on Linux use YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) plug-ins--SuSE's configuration interface--making it easy for administrators to configure them. If you prefer, you can configure the components manually after the installation, though the documentation on where the files reside and their configuration options weren't completed in the beta release.

In Short
  • Product: Novell Open Enterprise Server
  • URLs
  • Pricing
    • Contact vendor for pricing
  • Date of Release
    • February 2005
  • Phone Numbers
    • 800-453-1267, 617-464-8000
  • The Good
    • Red Carpet on NetWare
    • RPM for NetWare
    • Mixed NetWare/Linux node clusters
    • Most NetWare services on Linux
  • The Bad
    • NSS on Linux not on par with NetWare
    • Linux components lack the polish of their NetWare counterparts

Once the OES Linux server was up, I did an in-place upgrade of one of two existing NetWare 6.5 SP2 nodes. This was a breeze.

System Checkup

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