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No iSCSI Love From Apple

I'm not ready to drop $200 for a Leopard-friendly iSCSI initiator for the test lab. Aside from writing our own (which won't happen), it looks like ATTO Technology's Xtend SAN is the only game in town.
If any Windows or Linux admins are still reading, they're most likely shaking their heads and muttering something along the lines of "Silly Apple." They're right. Anyone in the MS world that wants to get their W2K3 boxes rolling with an iSCSI SAN just needs to make one stop.

Simple install followed by easy setup, config and connect. Thank you, Microsoft.

Heck, the Linux community can just hit SourceForge to find the right distro flavor and how-tos.

Not so much with Apple.

Granted, Apple provides native support for Fibre Channel in client and server versions of 10.4 and 10.5 (Tiger and Leopard, respectively.) I've been happy with I/O running Apple's 2Gb FC HBAs into an Xserve RAID. The xRaid (my nickname, not theirs) does a decent job at a surprisingly good price-point. That is, it does a decent job in a 1x1 world; I run two full arrays on the production side of my shop.

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