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Nivanix Adopted by ElasticDrive

SAN DIEGO -- Nirvanix today announced that ElasticDrive has chosen its Storage Delivery System optimized for media applications to serve as a key component of the companys infinitely scalable remote storage system. Nirvanix provides web developers with the ability to utilize Internet-mounted remote storage resources in a variety of innovative uses, including disk mirroring, backups, content replication, load balancing, web caching and more.

ElasticDrive is a distributed remote storage application that allows users to access their data regardless of location with the assurance that their business-critical information is safely stored and protected. ElasticDrive makes it possible for the Nirvanix remote storage service to behave like a local hard drive, creating a cost effective and safe method to mirror or back up information to several places in real time. Developers can use Nirvanix as a block device like any other local storage device, formatting it with a file system of their choice and mounting it to a directory or in a mirrored RAID device.

“We were able to integrate Nirvanix into our ElasticDrive offering in a matter of days,” said Reuven Cohen, CEO of Enomaly Inc., parent company of ElasticDrive. “The Nirvanix storage platform provides the benefit of an unlimited storage resource that can be easily integrated into our customers’ existing data architecture. I can now rest assured my customers will never run out of space.”

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