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Nirvanix Widens Cloud Storage Target

Online storage startup Nirvanix claims to have developed a technology that will turn a standard server into a multi-Pbyte NAS system.

Nirvanix is one of a number of firms touting "cloud storage" services that let users access data via the Internet, although the vendor now claims to have a fresh take on NAS.

We wanted to bring the cloud into your average enterprise environment without changing the way people do things,” says Jonathan Buckley, Nirvanix’s chief marketing officer. ”We have set out to build the first fully integrated, downloadable, NAS gateway [to cloud storage] that can be run on a server.”

The gateway is actually a software agent called CloudNAS which enables an Intel or AMD-based server to connect as a filer to the Nirvanix storage cloud, according to Buckley.

”Before, I would have had to tinker with the Nirvanix APIs [to connect to the storage cloud]” he says. “Unless you were a programmer that developed an application that worked with our stuff, you never would have done it.”

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