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Nimbus Unveils iSCSI SAN/NAS With SSD

Nimbus Data Systems has released a series of storage systems that support SAN and NAS in one unit on iSCSI networks operating at up to 10 Gbit/s. The new systems also contain built-in solid-state drives, along with SAS and SATA II drives, to improve storage throughput.

The Breeze Hybrid series (H series) supersedes the supplier's former MX4 and 10G iSCSI systems. It includes two models: the Breeze VH630 and the larger Breeze MH860. Both feature two 10 Gbit/s Ethernet ports, four 1 Gbit/s Ethernet ports, four SAS ports, and eight processor cores. Both support up to 192 Tbytes of storage, with the VH630 starting at 11 Tbytes and the MH860 at 34 Tbytes; the VH630 has 8 Gbytes of write-through cache, and the MH850 has 16 Gbytes.

But the VH630 has 32 Gbytes of mirrored SSD, and the MH860 has 64 Gbytes. Nimbus won't name the SSD supplier, but claims its SSD is single-layer flash SSD, similar to EMC's Symmetrix SSD add-on announced in January 2008.

Like its predecessors, the Nimbus H series comes with integral NFS and CIFS support. Storage virtualization, RAID, replication, and snapshotting are provided via an integral operating system called HALO. Up to 24 tiers of storage can be set up, including a "tier 0" for dedicated SSD processing of boot images, database read/writes, or any other kind of selected data.

Who needs all this? According to Nimbus CEO Tom Isakovich, practically any organization with heavy-duty processing requirements that's looking to save costs by combining iSCSI networking, block- and file-based data handling, and SSD capabilities in one unit.

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