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Nimbus 'Targets' iSCSI Giveaway

Weeks after Microsoft sent its iSCSI target software out to OEMs, Nimbus Data is offering its own iSCSI target for Windows Server 2003 -- for free.

Microsoft needn't fear Nimbus moving in on its turf, though. Nimbus Data CEO Tom Isakovich says his target is aimed at end users and SOHOs who want to turn a handful of PCs into IP SANs.

In contrast, Microsoft's iSCSI Software Target Application Pack -- based on technology acquired when the company bought String Bean Software -- is available only for systems OEMs that want to build IP SANs. (See Microsoft Targets iSCSI and Microsoft Munches String Bean.)

Microsoft hasn't disclosed pricing for it iSCSI Software Target Application Pack, but String Bean sold WinTarget for $1,995 for unlimited connections and $300 for a one-connection license. (See String Bean Software.)

To review: The iSCSI target is a device such as a disk, array, tape library, or switch that is capable of accepting iSCSI communications from an iSCSI initiator. An iSCSI initiator typically comprises software on a server that makes iSCSI requests to the target. The iSCSI target software lets users turn a volume, partition, or disk space into a LUN.

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