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Nimbus Nips Into iSCSI

A San Francisco startup is off to the iSCSI wars. Nimbus Data Systems Inc. says it's shipping a small, inexpensive iSCSI array that starts at $5,000.

Nimbus, founded last summer, is shipping its Ethernet-compatible arrays to a handful of customers in the current darling of SAN segments -- the low end. And CEO and founder Thomas Z. Isakovich is sure enough of success that he's gunning for profitability at the end of this year.

Too cocky? Perhaps. But Isakovich insists the iSCSI market's hotter than an IHOP griddle. Players who aren't frying up sales don't get it, he insists. "My concern with other startups is that they don't offer the price points and ease of use to make their products attractive," he says.

Pricing is Nimbus's battle cry. It's currently offering two systems: a 500-Gbyte box for $5,000, and a 1-Terabyte one for $8,000. Software is bundled into each appliance, and customers pay extra to activate specific features.

Comparable products appear to cost more. A 1-Tbyte system from Adaptec Inc. (Nasdaq: ADPT) costs about $10,000, and a 1.2-Tbyte box from LeftHand Networks Inc. starts at $14,500.

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