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Nexsan Unleashes Its DATABeast

Nexsan has merged SAS and SATA drives into a single system, touting its DATABeast as a new form of tiered storage.

We believe that there is a need in the market for a new class of storage,” says Bob Woolery, Nexsan’s senior vice president of marketing. “What we saw in the larger SME space was that customers were going from storing tens of Terabytes to storing hundreds of Terabytes.”

Previously, Nexsan offered either SAS or SATA storage in dedicated systems such as the vendor’s SASBoy or SATABeast , making the DATABeast the vendor’s first product to consolidate different media.

The DATABeast, which is available in 42U and 25U configurations, can scale up to 4 Pbytes in a single system. The 42U configuration uses a dozen 336-Tbyte racks, and the 25U version uses 24 168-Tbyte racks, according to Woolery, who is aiming the DATABeast at businesses looking for a mixture of fast-access SAS and low cost SATA.

“Where we see this being used is [things like] medical imaging and medical scanning for hospitals,” he adds. “They can put medical images on the SATA storage, but if they want to review those slides, or send the data quickly, they can send it cover to the SAS storage.”

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