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Nexsan Encrypts CAS

Nexsan Technologies Inc. has launched Assureon, a storage appliance with built-in security for "bulletproof" archiving (see Nexsan Expands Market ).

Assureon is the offspring of Nexsan's acquisition in March 2005 of EverTrust, a supplier with CAS and security technologies (see Nexsan Targets CAS Startup). It is the vendor's first effort to build on its stock-in-trade SATA and ATA storage gear.

Nexsan claims Assureon is the first system to combine content-addressed storage (CAS) with top-line security features, an ILM policy-making interface, and a variety of storage media, including SATA disk, tape, and optical.

Do customers really need it?

Nexsan says yes, pointing to the recent flurry of security breaches as evidence that burgeoning archived data needs to be secured (see A Tale of Lost Tapes and Diskers Enjoying Tape Woes). Assureon features 256-bit AES encryption, access and file authentication, remote key storage, continuous integrity checks, and automatic "cryptoshredding" of keys.

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