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Nexsan Brings New Storage Security Appliance To Channel

Nexsan Technologies Tuesday expanded its Assureon storage security appliance offering with new technologies to improve compliance, file accessibility, and performance.

The new Assureon 4.0 is a storage array that combines data encryption, remote data replication, and information lifecycle management (ILM) into a single appliance based on content-addressable storage technology, said Diamond Lauffin, senior executive vice president at the Woodland Hills, Calif.-based vendor.

Content-addressable storage, or CAS, turns a data file into an object using a cryptographic algorithm to develop a unique object based on the content of the file to be stored. Because each object is unique, even a slight change to the content of the file changes the hashed object, making it possible to eliminate duplicate files. Using CAS technology also prevents the unauthorized reading of stored information, and allows administrators to see if data has been changed from when it was originally stored.

Nexsan, which goes to market with a channel-only sales model, last month held a day-long solution provider training session for the new Assureon in Las Vegas followed by a half-day test composed of 86 essay questions.

The training, required of partners that go to market with the Assureon, got solution providers excited about the product, but they said it also highlighted a key issue with the product: It may have so many features that it will be difficult to sell.

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