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NexonNAS 1000

The system was a dream to set up, providing a software tool that auto-detected the Nexon and determined both the version and what storage was available, the offered to let me set it up. Configuration is through the browser and for initial configuration the device DHCPs, but allows you to set all of the network settings. I tested just about everything, both in a workgroup and in an ADS domain.

Security options are easy to use and cover the breadth of most NAS solutions.

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The only issue I had with configuration was that NFS support on the version I tested was broken, I was not able to NFS mount the volumes I had shared under NFS, though from the same machine I was able to NFS mount more traditional NAS products.

I also pointed IOMeter at the NexonNAS 1000 to see how it fared in the performance department. While it is not a high-end system, it does not advertise itself as one. Through a single gigabit connection I was able to get nearly 400 Megabits per second in 32K sequential reads, and just under 80 Megabits per second in sequential writes. The "All types of access" specification that we use in the Green Bay Labs to determine the likely throughput in a high-volume real-world environment turned up at 65 Megabits per second when run with 20 simulated users.

Access from CIFS, NFS, and HTTP can be configured easily.

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