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New Sun CEO Schwartz Talks Tactics

The first thing Jonathan Schwartz will do as Sun Microsystems' brand-new CEO is take a good look at the company's resources -- both human and technical -- to make sure they're focused on the areas with the greatest upside.

In the next 90 days, Schwartz and Sun will be "embarking on a comprehensive review of all growth opportunities," he said on a conference call Monday evening.

First, Greg Papadopoulos, now executive vice president of R&D, and Schwartz will oversee Sun's nearly $2 billion R&D budget, Schwartz told a quickly convened teleconference Monday night after the company's earnings call. Papadopoulos had been CTO for the Santa Clara, Calif. company.

Anil Gadre, CMO and Don Grantham, executive vice president of global sales and service, will examine the company's marketing, sales, services, systems engineering and operations both at headquarters and in the field to make sure they target the biggest opportunities

Schwartz cited open-source Solaris -- which he claims has seen more than five million downloads -- as one huge opportunity.

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