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New Sightings Of A Rare Bird: A Compatible Mainframe From PSI

When the Amdahl engineers at Fujitsu, specialists in the esoteric art of making plug-compatible mainframe (PCM) computers, missed a semiconductor cycle in the late 1990s, the PCM began fading from sight. As it turns out, the engineers have been very busy and their efforts began to see the light of day at this week’s Share meeting.

The Amdahl engineers picked up some venture capital, formed Platform Solutions Inc. (PSI), and the fruits of their efforts, a generation of compatible mainframe computers, were described at the IBM user group. Two Beta sites are underway and one of them, L.L. Bean, discussed its PSI experience at Share.

“We decided on the Share meeting because the technical hearts and minds (of mainframe computing) are at Share,” said PSI president and CEO Michael Maulick in an interview. “These are the real movers and shakers of technology, the people who can make real sense of a product.”

PSI is targeting IBM’s zSeries mainframes and the installed base of Amdahl computers with mainframes based on Intel’s Itanium 2 processors. Key to the PSI approach is the machines’ ability to run multiple operating systems including z/OS, OS/390, VSE, UNIX, Windows and Linux.

Maulick discounts calling the PSI machines “plug-compatible” mainframes, but attendees at the Share meeting where PSI created a strong buzz, were calling the machines “PCMs,” which is the same thing. Maulick prefers calling his babies “compatible mainframe computers designed for today’s enterprise datacenter.”

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