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DALLAS -- Storage Networking World -- Although still in its infancy, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCOE) has already started to grab the attention of users keen to boost the performance of their existing data center kit and make sense of their cabling nightmares.

"This is something that I have got to have," said keynote speaker Steve Fastook, vice president of technical and commercial operations at Englewood Cliffs, N.J.-based CNBC during his talk here today. The exec explained that CNBC would like to boost the performance of storage without ripping and replacing huge chunks of its existing infrastructure.

"We have 10 million feet of cable, just in Englewood," he told Byte and Switch, explaining that the 18-inch deep floors in his computer rooms are currently packed with cables. "We have a couple of cable lengths that are up to 1,000 feet."

A number of vendors have jumped on the FCOE bandwagon this week, most notably QLogic, which teamed up with NetApp and Cisco-owned Nuova Systems to demo an FCOE converged network adapter (CNA) expected to be available in the first half of next year.

First proposed earlier this year, the FCOE spec is aimed at enabling SAN traffic to be natively transported over Ethernet networks. Vendors such as QLogic and NetApp are now touting the technology as a way for users to keep their cabling infrastructures from spiraling out of control by combining server and storage networking through a single cable.

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