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New BakBone Technology For Remote Offices Instantaneously Recovers Applications And Data To Any Point In Time

SAN DIEGO, Calif. Jan. 19, 2010   BakBone Software (OTCBB: BKBO), a leading provider of Universal Data Management solutions, today introduced version 4.0 of NetVault: FASTRecover, BakBone's disk-based, real-time data protection solution for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Windows File Servers.
NetVault: FASTRecover (NVFR) 4.0 introduces a new distributed architecture to seamlessly protect multiple remote or branch offices across the WAN using a single NVFR infrastructure, instantaneous fast failover to physical or virtual machines across a LAN or WAN, and the ability to implement distributed application availability to existing IT environments. The real-time data protection and replication converge in NVFR 4.0 delivers a robust application and data recovery scenario that all but eliminates downtime and data loss at a very cost-effective price point.

A new study by The Mazerov Group, a market research organization, shows that the larger a company's IT budget, the higher the cost of downtime. Businesses with IT budgets over $50,000 lose over $200,000 per data outage. NVFR combats downtime and trims costs by recovering applications and data in as little as 30 seconds and to any point in time.
BakBone's new remote office data protection solution for NVFR recovers applications and associated data in real time with simultaneous local and remote protection technology, made possible via replication between local and remote NVFR servers. BakBone's remote office data protection solution allows customers to maintain a current, recovery-ready copy of production data at a remote site, which can be quickly restored at that remote site.

NVFR 4.0 further strengthens disaster recovery capabilities to minimize downtime and provide recovery of protected data to an alternate physical server or to a virtual machine in as little as 30 seconds. NVFR provides distributed application availability at an affordable price, enabling customers to implement an infrastructure that will keep their data safe and accessible even in the event of a disaster at either the local or remote site.