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New App Could Speed Provisioning

BMC's new server virtualization management app, Virtualizer, is designed to speed and automate the capacity-planning process. In fact, the vendor says it can do automatic server provisioning in as little as five minutes--a potential 8,000 times per month. That would be extreme, but BMC could help IT organizations do capacity planning more frequently than the typical once a month.

Virtualizer fits into BMC's SORM (Service-Oriented Resource Management) initiative, which is designed to help IT align its processes and priorities with business objectives. It's the provisioning side of BSM (Business Services Management), which usually focuses on mapping and service management. Virtualizer monitors CPU, network and storage utilization of VMWare servers, collecting data on both application and server utilization. Users can control the pace of automated changes by setting thresholds and managing them with an included policy engine.

Ask yourself how often you make changes--and how many administrators and servers those changes require. If you can't reduce the number of admins by better allocating resources, then forget Virtualizer and keep overprovisioning. But for many environments, Virtualizer merits a closer look.