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Neustar Webmetrics Unveils Visual Application Monitoring

STERLING, Va., July 15. Neustar, Inc. today announced that it has released Visual Application Monitoring, a new Webmetrics service within Neustar's Internet Infrastructure Services portfolio. Visual Application Monitoring now provides website operators with even greater control over the monitoring of rich media applications. Using a real, non-emulated Internet Explorer browser, Webmetrics customers who add the Visual Application Monitoring service can now ensure that their online visitors enjoy optimal viewing and interactive experiences. Neustar supports the most complex web applications including Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, Web 2.0, Ajax and Java.

Specifically, Visual Application Monitoring produces highly granular performance metrics about Flash and Silverlight applications - including the breakdown of each of the steps in the user experience. It simulates these transactions as frequently as every minute to verify that the applications are available and performing around the clock. "Visual Application Monitoring is ultimately about transparency," said Alex Berry, senior vice president of Neustar's Internet Infrastructure Services group. "We've worked with our customers to provide them with the ability to interact with Flash and Silverlight, and to successfully monitor the full palette of interactive features resident in their rich media applications."

Neustar Webmetrics is one of the leading performance monitoring and load testing services, and emphasizes reporting on the user experience through a real Internet Explorer browser. Since its introduction in 1999, Webmetrics has continually innovated in the performance monitoring and load testing space, offering ecosystem management, stream monitoring, and monitoring agents in over 100 major cities around the world. Visual Application Monitoring represents the next innovation platform for Webmetrics, and over time will provide increasingly more refined monitoring and reporting of interactive applications.

To speak with a Neustar Webmetrics representative about Visual Application Monitoring or to request more information, visit to fill out a contact form. More information about Webmetrics is available at