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Network Solutions Advance Security

IRVINE, Calif. -- As demand for networked storage explodes in the security industry, Zetera Corporation, a developer of breakthrough network storage technology, offers a solution that is being embraced by the surveillance market for its ability to easily scale storage capacity on demand as the application grows. Storage is one of the gating factors for digital video surveillance applications, due to the sheer volume of data that is captured and retained for later viewing.

Just like cellular phones, video recording, television and radio upgraded from analog to digital formats, the security industry is undergoing the same transformation. At the same time, todays surveillance practices now require increased video capture and the archival and retention of more and more video, making cost effective and scalable storage essential. Zetera is addressing the IP surveillance market’s shift from analog systems to digital platforms and the need to capture and store more video by offering massive low-cost, high-performance digital storage for IP video.

The company’s NBOD™ (“networked bunch of disks”) solutions deliver a low-cost, high-performance storage application that adapts to meet IP surveillance needs. “We are seeing strong interest in NBOD solutions in markets where IP video storage requirements are huge and growing,” said Zetera’s president and CEO, Chuck Cortright. “From industrial applications such as retail security to the deployment of a petabyte-scale academic project, our technology is fueling the next wave of applications.”

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