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Netuitive Goes Virtual

There's a major shift going on in IT, and Netuitive is ready for it. According to execs, the vendor's latest product will eliminate the guesswork involved in managing performance in virtualized environments.

Netuitive's Service Analyzer for VMware, unveiled today, brings the vendor's technology for analyzing IT infrastructure performance to virtual machines in VMware. Netuitive's aim is to streamline troubleshooting of performance issues in VMware networks.

For instance, if one virtual machine slows down, Netuitive will be able to identify the VM responsible for the performance hit.

Up to now, much troubleshooting in virtual environments has been a matter of trial and error. A manager may find that one or more VMs slow down, but she has to fiddle with the setup to find a solution. For example, turning off one machine may cause others to stop signaling trouble; or adding a VM to a particular application may do the trick.

This kind of manual-intensive activity is proof that traditional infrastructure-based management won't work with virtualization. "We're seeing a massive de-aggregation of computing resources," says analyst George Hamilton of the Yankee Group. The days when agents on servers, racks, storage devices, and networking gear reported their status to a polling management system are ending, he maintains. Instead, there's a need for "top down" management, focused on interpreting the behavior of services, as opposed to the ups and downs of specific machines.

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