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NetOctave Sounds Security Note

IP chip startup NetOctave Inc. says security's where the action is when it comes to storage networks, particularly those based on Internet protocols.

On Monday it plans to launch its NSP4200, which it claims is the first security processor built specifically for the storage market.

So, who needs a special security chip just for storage networks?

According to NetOctave: any company that is serious about IP SANs. "Hackers typically aren't familiar with the inner workings of Fibre Channel, meaning that these networks are less vulnerable to attack," says Joe Ardini, VP of strategy and business development at NetOctave. They are very familiar with IP, however, so the idea of sharing storage across an IP network, whereby any host has access to data, presents a nightmare to security administrators.

The NSP4200 should prevent this, the company claims. It takes IP storage packets, which are typically much larger and more infrequent than packets of regular data traffic, and wraps them in encryption and authentication software, which can then be decoded by a trusted third party.

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