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NetEx HyperIP Virtual Appliance Accelerates Hyper-V Live Migration Across WAN Links By Up To 16X

MINNEAPOLIS, July 13. A recent lab validation report by confirms that NetEx HyperIP significantly boosted Hyper-V Live Migration speed across a variety of emulated WAN links between geographically dispersed locations by as much as 16X. The software provides organizations with the ability to migrate running virtual servers between data centers and remote offices for disaster recovery, business continuity purposes without the need for dedicated, high-bandwidth, low-latency connections.

The DeepStorage lab report of NetEx HyperIP further validates the company's efforts to provide faster performance and improved scalability of virtualized infrastructures without the need for expensive proprietary hardware or vendor lock in. NetEx is able to minimize the negative impact of packet loss, latency and link congestion of server migration via Microsoft's Hyper-V Live Migration over disperse networks with minimal changes to simplify implementation while reducing migration times and costs.

"HyperIP significantly boosted all but the best of our emulated WAN links ... even on reduced bandwidth links with substantial impairments," the report reads. "Regardless of network conditions, HyperIP enabled Live Migration to complete in less than 30 seconds while suffering fewer and shorter outages than the un-accelerated case ... This demonstrates that migration across slower links is possible and exceeds company claims that their product increases transfer rates by a factor of up to six."

In testing the HyperIP virtual appliance, DeepStorage Labs migrated a Windows Server 2003 web server between a pair of Hyper-V host systems across a WAN, which was configured to provide bandwidth, latency and other conditions consistent with the links medium and large enterprises would use between data centers. Other than a baseline test, where processing the data through HyperIP added a few seconds to the migration time, HyperIP reduced Live Migration across the board.

"Organizations looking to migrate virtual machines between locations have been frustrated by a lack of options in how they can accomplish this," said Robert MacIntyre, NetEx Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. "Most wishing to do live migration have turned to expensive solutions that require dedicated hardware, high-bandwidth, low latency connections. This validation test from DeepStorage shows that our HyperIP WAN acceleration software can successfully support Hyper-V Live Migrations across WANs at increased transfer rates and significantly lower cost WANs. Increasing Live Migration speeds across the board by as much as 16X is a huge game changer for Microsoft and their customers."

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