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Minneapolis-area software company Network Executive Software Inc. (NetEx) this week launched HyperIP, an IP acceleration device that the company claims can boost performance of WAN data transmission by up to 10 times -- without requiring any changes to applications or storage systems.

The company's HyperIP appliances are designed to alleviate TCP/IP degradation associated with long-distance data transfer. NetEx says it has tested the system operating at simulated distances up to 46,000 miles.

"We're all about moving big data over long distances," says Craig Gust, NetEx's CEO and president. "Over one DS3, I can get the equivalent of three or four or five DS3s simply by putting HyperIP in."

Sound like magic? Here's how NetEx says it accomplishes this feat: HyperIP uses a proprietary transport protocol that runs over UDP (User Datagram Protocol), which compensates for the latencies involved in typical TCP/IP transmissions. Gust says the devices are able to offer 90 percent of the bandwidth of the original pipe, over very long distances.

Unlike Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) or Internet Fibre Channel Protocol (iFCP) technologies, HyperIP works with any IP-based application, although it does require a user to deploy HyperIP appliances on both ends of a connection.

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