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NetApp Is First to Market with Native FCoE Storage Systems Based on QLogic Single Chip Architecture

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., August 11, 2009--Further strengthening its leadership position in single-chip Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) solutions, QLogic Corp. (NSDQ:QLGC) today announced that NetApp (NSDQ:NTAP) has selected QLogic as the provider for single-chip converged network adapter (CNA) technology to provide native FCoE connectivity for NetApp?? storage arrays. In a second FCoE win, NetApp has designated the QLogic 8100 Series as a key CNA for FCoE host connectivity. Based on the QLogic Network Plus architecture, the two second-generation QLogic single-chip FCoE solutions for NetApp storage systems and qualified enterprise servers make it easier for NetApp customers to migrate to high-performance Ethernet storage for greater capital and operational efficiencies.

Specifically, QLogic FCoE connectivity is supported across a wide range of NetApp unified storage systems, including the NetApp FAS3040, FAS3070, and FAS3100 series; the FAS6000 series; the FAS2050; the V6000 series; and the V3100 series, as well as any server qualified with these NetApp storage systems.

"Today's announcement extends NetApp's leadership role in enterprise data center connectivity," said Bob Laliberte, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "NetApp now has the world's first true end-to-end FCoE SAN solution, a significant milestone in storage. With production-ready, single chip FCoE technology available across NetApp's product line, FCoE will play a more prominent role in purchasing discussions with CIOs and data center managers. Given the challenging economic climate and that FCoE offers significant savings, these solutions have the potential for rapid adoption in the data center. QLogic and NetApp continue to set the pace in the FCoE market."

"QLogic has taken a massive lead in the FCoE market," said Deni Connor, senior analyst, Storage Strategies Now. "The company continues to distance itself further from its competition with a series of important design wins for its latest FCoE solutions and delivery of proven technology. Its design win with NetApp is particularly significant as it signals the converged network adapter used in all the company's storage systems and controllers."
QLogic 8100 Series single-chip converged network adapter technology enables NetApp customers to build end-to-end FCoE solutions while supporting existing Fibre Channel investments and taking a phased approach to consolidating data centers around Ethernet. QLogic CNAs empower customers with the ability to run both IP and FCoE traffic through the same port and on the same wire, eliminating the need and expense for separate SAN and LAN adapters and cables and ensuring greater mobility of virtual machines. The first single-chip CNA platform with an integrated, full FCoE offload engine, the 8100 Series is optimized for virtual environments, enabling faster application performance while saving precious CPU resources, which translates to higher degrees of server virtualization in the data center.

"The move to converged data and storage networks is coupled with the increased adoption of 10Gb Ethernet in the data center," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Solutions Marketing, NetApp. "NetApp and QLogic are partnering to make FCoE connectivity ubiquitous in the enterprise at a time when the market is ready for a new lower-cost fabric optimized for next-generation virtual data centers. By implementing QLogic's innovative, single-chip architecture, we are able to offer higher levels of performance across our storage portfolio, particularly in virtualized environments, for Ethernet storage."

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