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NetApp Customers Drive De-Dupe Adoption

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- NetApp (NASDAQ:NTAP) today announced that the deduplication adoption rate among its customers has tripled since November 2007, with more than 3,500 systems and 100 petabytes (PB) of raw storage capacity, solidifying NetApp as a leader in deduplication technology. NetApp now has more than 1,000 customers who have deployed NetApp deduplication across all tiers of data, including primary, backup, and archival data, making it the only vendor to offer end-to-end deduplication.

Deduplication technology, which plays an important role in virtualized environments, is quickly gaining traction with customers who struggle with data proliferation and the headaches that are associated with it. Now customers can eliminate redundant data quickly and easily, which improves space and power efficiencies, and reduces the amount of raw storage required. Furthermore, NetApp deduplication strengthens NetApp's portfolio of space-saving technologies, which also include RAID 6, thin provisioning and flexible clones. Like these other space-saving technologies, NetApp deduplication is a core part of the Data ONTAP® operating system, so it is available across the complete FAS family of systems, and all classes of storage. NetApp is the only major storage and data management vendor to embed deduplication technology across its entire line of storage systems.

“There is a definite trend in the market today to virtualize storage environments,” said Heidi Biggar, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Deduplication is just one example. Organizations are embracing deduplication because of the efficiencies it provides their organizations, significantly reducing the amount of physical capacity that must be purchased and managed. By making deduplication available across its storage portfolio via Data ONTAP, NetApp makes it easier for organizations to leverage deduplication throughout their environments. NetApp has clearly become a leader in this space.”

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