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NetApp Augments Kazeon-Based App

Network Appliance has released a new set of products based on its OEM relationship with Kazeon, highlighting the growing importance of data classification and search to mainstream storage suppliers. (See NetApp Adds Search.)

The wares include a repackaging of existing technology for NetApp's I1200, the version of Kazeon's out-of-band appliance that NetApp adopted last year. (See Genesys Acquires VoiceGenie.) For instance, the IS1200-FRM (File Reporting and Migration) program packs capabilities formerly part of the IS1200, including the ability to set policies for disposition of certain files automatically once they are discovered.

Two new modules purportedly offer new capabilities based on Kazeon's technology as well as integrations and extensions for NetApp. The IS1200-SA (Search Appliance) performs file indexing, search, and data restoral and is fully integrated with NetApp's backup. The IS1200-ECS (Enterprise Content Services) includes the features of both the IS1200-FRM and IS1200-SA and adds security from Decru and NetApp SnapLock products.

The ECS module may be an enterprise storage manager's best bet. Its starting price of $80,000 provides the functions of both the IS1200-FRM, which starts at $40,000, and the IS1200-SA, which sells from $50,000. (Earlier modules released by NetApp for the IS1200 are still sold separately, as add-ons to the new modules. Transparent Migration Manager is available as an add-on to IS1200-FRM, and Retention Manager is available on top of as an add-on to IS1200-ECS.)

So why would anyone buy the FRM and SA alone, especially since these upgrades aren't discounted for current customers?

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