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NEC Offers Leasing Program With 90-Day Deferment

NEC Solutions America Wednesday said it will help solution providers sell complex solutions to small and midsize companies by offering a "no money down, no payment for 90 days" option.

The program lets customers acquire Fault Tolerant and Itanium 2 servers, storage, software and services as part of a total solution and wait 90 days from deliver to start making payments, said Colin Rosenmeyer, national sales manager for NEC Financial Services.

"It's for customers who want to acquire the solutions now, but who do not have the extra budget," Rosenmeyer said. "This takes them through their current budget cycle."

Customers can sign a lease through their solution providers until December 31, with delivery of the equipment starting the latest on March 31, 2006, Rosenmeyer said. Because of the 90-day grace period on payments, a lease agreement signed in late December might not require a first payment until late June, he said.

Customers looking to take advantage of the program must purchase at least $25,000 worth of equipment. However, said Rosenmeyer, often that amount is just the cost of a single fault-tolerant server.

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