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NDCF Poll: No Bonus for You!

Merry Christmas, Mr. Scrooge! Less than one in five data center managers were in line for a year-end bonus in 2004, according to the latest NDCF poll (see Holiday Plans).

A mere 16 percent of data center managers expected to be rewarded, which no doubt added to long-running discontent about pay. General unhappiness about being underpaid and undervalued was an ongoing theme last year, which seems set to continue, if the NDCF poll is anything to go by (see Data Center Staff Are Revolting and Data Center Staff: Show Us the Money).

Its hardly surprising, then, that so many data center denizens sought home comforts during the recent holiday season. Nearly 80 percent of IT managers polled spent their vacation at home, and another 11 percent were planning to travel to visit relatives. A mere 5 percent remained chained to their data centers.

Eating is by far the most popular holiday pastime for IT managers, with over half enjoying some hearty fare with their nearest and dearest. Drinking and enjoying the weather were their second favorite holiday things, each receiving 17 percent of the votes.

So, who do data center managers most want to kiss under the mistletoe? Britney and J-Lo are tied for first place in IT managers’ affections (wow, they must be thrilled), followed by Ben Affleck and… Condoleezza Rice. At least the new Secretary of State can console herself that she is more popular than Brad Pitt. Not a single vote was polled for the Ocean’s Twelve star.

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