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Mu Security

Startup Mu Security has clinched a $4 million Series A funding round to support its goal of testing storage equipment before it's deployed in user networks.

The round was backed by VCs Accel Partners and Benchmark Capital. The startup will use the cash influx to develop specialist security gear aimed at large enterprises, the federal government, and service providers.

Mu is part of a trend: With hackers becoming ever more devious, users are going to ever-greater lengths to ensure their hardware is robust enough to survive a cyber-attack. In the case of Mu Security, the startup is touting its yet-to-be-launched product as a way for users to test network devices prior to deploying them.

In a nutshell, Mu's device will mutate the code within network protocols in the same way hackers do (hence the name Mu Security). The tests can gauge the response to code changes that mark a security attack by a range of IP devices, including routers and servers as well as storage equipment like NAS or SAN boxes.

Pre-testing will tell IT managers whether their equipment can withstand a buffer overflow or denial-of-service attack of the kind that has crippled many businesses in recent years. (See Application Security Problems and Study Outs Top Internet Vulnerabilities.) If gear fails, it can be fixed or taken off the network before a security breach.

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