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MPC Launches Appliance

NAMPA, Idaho -- MPC Computers, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MPC Corporation (AMEX:MPZ), today announced the launch of its new MPC MailFRAME, a simple-to-deploy email archiving appliance. The new MailFRAME appliance automates the process of capturing, storing and retrieving email messages.

Our goal with this new product was to deliver an infrastructure solution that integrates hardware and software into a single system that can be serviced and supported by MPC,” said Greg Wolff, Area Vice President of Product Marketing at MPC. “Archiving email can be expensive and resource-intensive. MailFRAME will alleviate many of the common problems of email archiving because it’s simple to deploy and maintain, and easy to use.”

Designed to be non-intrusive, the MailFRAME connects to any open-standards-based messaging server and makes “photo-copies” of the mail messages for storage into any standards-based storage device. End-users can then search and retrieve archived messages, even if their mail messages have been previously deleted or lost from their mailbox.

MPC customers who are already using the appliance can attest to its benefits. "We use our MailFRAME several times a week, and with over 900,000 messages already stored, most searches still take less than three seconds,” said Gary Gregg, Manager of Information Services for the City of Southlake (TX). “In fact, I was able to set up an account on the MailFRAME for our City Secretary and train her on its use in less than five minutes."

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