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Monitoring the Big Picture

I installed the software on a Solaris box in our Network Computing Real-World Labs® at Syracuse University to monitor devices on SU's production network. The setup took about three hours, including the OS, patches and software. The improved documentation and install procedures show the application's maturity, with cookbook-style directions that even Unix beginners can perform.

Accessing the Network

You can add network devices, systems and applications using the browser user interface or the command line. In fact, you can use the command line for nearly all tasks and script writing--with the exception of viewing graphical reports. Access to the ProactiveNet server is through telnet, SSL or HTTP Tunnel Proxy.

It's a snap to make changes to all server monitors. You need only go to the Java administration application in the user interface and right-click on a device. This brings up a list of actions that can be launched for the device. Most of the menu items are self-explanatory.

Overall, using a browser meant none of the annoying clunky and slowness that sometimes accompanies Java management applications.

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