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Mobile Computing Platforms

Empirix e-Test Suite 8.0
Version 8.0 of Empirix's load-testing solution, e-Test, lets numerous testers in various locations collaborate in real time. The product offers enhanced diagnostics, including more-detailed server profiles. It also features improved scripting for testing both SOAP-based Web services and .Net and J2EE applications. Starts at roughly $30,000. Empirix, (866) EMPIRIX, (781) 266-3200.

Zix Corp. ZixVPM 2.3
ZixVPM 2.3 (Virtual Private Messenger) secure e-messaging system offers new routing capabilities, including the ability to forward messages to admins, send customized bounce messages, send action notifications to the sender and run policies to block incoming mail. Security has been reinforced at both the end-user level, where the user can force messages to be sent in plain text or encrypted, and the network level, with an included S/MIME interoperability module and support for TLS (Transport Layer Security). Performance and security updates have been improved as well. $10 to $40 per user per year. Zix Corp., (866) 257-4949, (214) 370-2000.

NotePage rss2html.php
NotePage, maker of feed-creation software FeedForAll, is offering a free PHP script that lets Webmasters display RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds online. The script, rss2html.php, which runs on any PHP-compatible Web server and supports RSS .90 to 2.0, speeds the flow of information and makes it search engine-friendly by instantly converting RSS to HTML. Free. NotePage, (781) 829-0500.