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MIT Puts Storage Under Microscope

Talk about a granular line of business.

So as the Whitehead Institute-MIT BioImaging Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) creates image archives of individual molecules, it struggles to keep up with storage requirements.

The institute recently expanded its Archivas cluster system from 10 TByte/s to 50 Tbyte/s after several months. (See Archivas and Archivas Seeks Archiving Action). Next up, it will look to upgrade the Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) SAN it uses for primary storage.

According to its Website, the Whitehead Institute-MIT BioImaging Center unites the power of leading-edge microscopy and advanced computational systems to study the structure, dynamics, and function of molecules in challenging problems faced by biology, medicine, and bioengineering.”

Or as research scientist James Evans puts it, “Our research is a basic understanding of biology -- how the human body works. People understand how genes work, but not how they fight disease or go wrong when cancer is formed. That’s what we try to understand. Imaging is a good source for understanding systems. Say you wanted to understand how a car works, if you took a movie, you’d see how the wheels turn.”

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