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Microsoft's SQL Server 2005

To test Management Studio, I created a database with tables and other objects. Unlike those in older versions, most dialog boxes in the IDE aren't modal, so you needn't cancel out of one to get to the main console. Plus, Management Studio lets you script any action on the fly. I created a database and tables while scripting them. This capability should improve user productivity.

Among other enhancements, SQL Profiler saves a Trace file as XML so it can be modified and reused. And the Database Tuning Advisor takes into account user-defined functions and statements in triggers.


• New tools enrich development
• CLR Integration adds power when creating function, stored procedures and triggers

• XML enhancements make it easy to store and manage XML data


• New PIVOT command doesn't let you pivot columns dynamically
• Without Visual Studio 2005, writing database objects with the CLR can be complicated

SQL Server 2005, Enterprise edition starts at $24,999 per processor. Express edition is free via Web download. Available: Nov. 7. Microsoft, (800) 642-7676, (425) 882-8080.
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