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Microsoft Vista Beta 1

Other new features in IE 7.0 include a shrink-to-fit printing feature, RSS integration (including auto-discovery, built-in views, and the ability to save RSS feeds as Favorites), and a revised search functionality.

IE 7.0 adds some anti-phishing/anti-spoofing security features, which include an easy way to check the validity of an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Web site's security certificate, user account protection for the browser, and automatic receipt of browser updates.

IE 7.0 will also display warning information on its status bar about possible scams being launched from a Web site, such as phishing activities. And if you're nervous about what's in your cache, there's a new one-click means of removing all your personal caching history from the browser cache.

The Internet Explorer 7.0 beta for Windows XP is being released at the same time as IE7 for Windows Vista. Some of the features in the Vista version of IE 7.0, including automatic browser updating and user account protection, will not be available in the XP version, since they rely on Vista functionality.

Singular Focus On Security

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