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Microsoft Says Symantec Suit Won't Delay Vista

Microsoft's chief executive said Monday that the lawsuit filed last week by Symantec won't delay Windows Vista from launching later this year and early in 2007.

Symantec's suit of Thursday accused Microsoft of stealing storage technology secrets from its Veritas division, and putting them inside several editions of Windows, including the upcoming Vista. In the complaint, Symantec demanded that Vista not be released until it is cleansed of the appropriated code.

On Monday, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer said the case wouldn't impact Vista. After a news conference in Beijing, Ballmer was asked whether the lawsuit would impinge on the Vista roll-out.

"I wouldn't anticipate any, but that will go to the courts now," he told the Reuters wire service.

Symantec requested that Microsoft be barred from "the further development, sale or distribution of the 'Vista' and 'Longhorn' versions of the Windows client server operating systems," the complaint read. The court has not yet made a ruling on any of Symantec's complaints.

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