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Microsoft Raises Its Hypervisor

Microsoft fleshed out more details of its Hyper-V hypervisor today, pushing its storage features and announcing a bevy of partners who are pre-installing the software on their servers.

Despite today's flurry of marketing activity, Hyper-V is hardly the finished article, hence the somewhat bewildering description of the software as a "feature complete release candidate."

In layman's terms, this means that the vendor is still tweaking the Hyper-V code, although a Microsoft spokesman told Byte and Switch in an email that this will not affect plans to make the software generally available this summer.

"If we choose to deliver another release candidate, we believe we will still be on track to meet the goal of releasing it by August 2008," he wrote in an email, explaining that the software will cost $28 per server.

"We're continuing to make good progress on the development of Hyper-V," he added. "Further internal testing on the current release candidate will help us determine whether another release candidate is required."

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