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Microsoft Hedges On Vista Deadline

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday continued to send mixed signals about Windows Vista's ship date, claiming that it was on track to deliver the new operating system in early 2007 but also repeating that it wouldn't release Vista until it was satisfied with the software's quality.

At Microsoft's annual financial analyst's conference in Redmond, Wash., Kevin Johnson, co-president of the company's platforms and services group, addressed Vista's ship date.

"We will ship Windows Vista when the product is ready," he said. "[But] product quality is job one.

"There's no data or information that says we are not going to make the November business availability or the January [2007] consumer availability," said Johnson in one breath. In the next, he added "However, we are going to ship the product when it's ready. We are just going to take it milestone by milestone."

In March, Microsoft announced that it was postponing Vista from an anticipated October release to November for enterprise customers with volume licenses, and January 2007 for everyone else.

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