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MetaLINCS Delivers E-Discovery

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- MetaLINCS, a Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) company, and leader in intelligent, enterprise-class E-Discovery technology, today announced their E-Discovery Platform, a managed services offering that is built upon the proprietary MetaLINCS Enterprise E-Discovery Suite of software, which meets users needs across the lifecycle of electronic data discovery. Already in use by some of the worlds largest corporations, the managed services focus on the critical E-Discovery phases of collection, processing, review, analysis and production.

“In order to meet the increasing demands of compliance or legal requests for electronic documents to be collected, processed, and reviewed many of our customers who license the MetaLINCS E-Discovery Software Suite for in-house E-Discovery have expressed the desire to also use our solutions as a managed service for peak load periods and specific projects,” said Ramon Nuñez, president of the MetaLINCS business unit of Seagate Services. Continued Nuñez, “Our customers want the flexibility to bring E-Discovery software in-house as well as use our services for critical components of the E-Discovery flow or an entire project. MetaLINCS offerings as part of the Seagate Services portfolio are in a unique position to offer this level of service and flexibility.”

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